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With a very distinctive look, ONA by Agne specialises in making luxury knitwear and home-wear from chunky merino wool and has already built up a following locally. 

Inspired by her grandmother, Agne knits everything from chunky hats and scarves, to blankets and accessories, all in vibrant and contemporary shades. 

Ona by Agne is a slow fashion sustainable knitwear brand.  Shopping less, but better quality garments that will last for many seasons and focus on creating individual coherent quality pieces rather than collections.  They source only natural and sustainable materials, incorporating ethical practices throughout their supply chain and reducing environmental impact. 

By promoting slow fashion, this label can be seen as a true form of expression. 

Inspired by traditional craft, Ona by Agne focuses on contemporary aesthetics and minimalistic-boho design. 

Visit Ona by Agne's website!

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