It all started with a stall...

Way back in 1999 if you took a stroll through the narrow alleyway of George's Street Arcade you might be forgiven for thinking you had been transported to the steps of the Ganges with the sweet smell of Nag Champa filling the air and the chimes of temple bells all around. Who would have thought this little piece of hippy paradise would grow to become the fashion hub that it is today.


A dream is just a dream unless you have The Dream Team! MEET THE OM DIVAS...


Ruth Ni Loinsigh

Ruth left Dublin way back in 1992 to fulfil a dream of world-wide travel and adventure. 6 years later she returned with a lifetime of incredible experiences tucked under her belt and very empty pockets! It took a mere one year of a desk job at United Airlines for her to realise that some people's wings were never meant to be clipped and so with £500 punts tucked away in her trusty money belt she set off for the streets of New Delhi and the markets of Asia to see what treasures and delights she could carry home to sell at Mother Red Caps Market. Now a decade and a half later she sometimes can't believe it herself when she looks at what she has built from a rucksack of wooden beads and incense and a pocketful of dreams. She believes that hard work, passion, building a great team and a lot of laughter are the keys to success.

Our amazing manager Caoimhe is an all round creative and exceptional Tour de Force. With a background in Textiles at NCAD her primary objective in the restoration of vintage fabrics has lead her to hosting and devising her own workshops in sustainable fashion whilst being at the helm of Om Diva's team of creatives.

Caoimhe Ní Bhroin
The wonderfully talented Eve Russell is a writer, film photographer and all round creative. Eve's enthusiasm for fashion, creativity and adventure permeates the boutique. An Art History graduate, she has made her mark in the visual world working with the likes of Rawlins George in London, The Works PR in Dublin, and being a freelance photographer in Zimbabwe. 
Eve Russell

On a good day you'll find us sipping bubbly on our infamous bench on Drury Street, 

On bad days you'll find us doing just the same!

Ann Upton
Creative and attentive, Ann always brings her own personal touch and passion for design to the Diva workspace, whether it be it in visual displays or customer service she never fails.  With her background in animation and working as a part-time tutor in IADT, her remarkable understanding of colour and shapes can be seen within every corner of the store.
Maya Breathnach
The bold and brilliant Miss Maya, renowned for her styling work and astounding knowledge of Irish Design, she has most certainly made her mark within Ireland's fashion industry.  As well as starting up her own vintage label and working as a freelance stylist, Maya brings her own authentic approach to all things fashion and retail based.
Charlotte Opperman 

Charlotte is a glorious sunburst of weekend energy. She's most likely found wearing every colour of the rainbow from head-to-toe. She inspires others to reveal their individual style with her eccentric taste in fashion and accessories. Charlotte is currently working away on her creative portfolio to apply to art colleges, certainly one to watch...

Where we are now...


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