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Bold yet minimal statement handmade jewellery — designed and handcrafted by a father /daughter duo here in Dublin. These unconventional pieces are dark yet elegant and delicate, echoing the nature of the material — 5000-year-old bog oak. 

Leko & Leko design and produce elegant, minimal handmade jewellery for Irish and international customers. Using quality, traditional materials and with great attention to detail, they skilfully craft pieces which are subtle in form yet striking enough to make a statement for everyday wear. 

Each piece of jewellery is hand-crafted from 5,000-year-old salvaged Bog Oak that is carefully selected for its texture and feel. This matte, dark wood that has been preserved through millennia is smoothed to a finish which still retains and emphasises its beautiful, natural wood grain. 

Handcrafted into contemporary, geometric shapes and paired with oxidised sterling silver — the finished results breathe new life into this ancient material.

Visit Leko & Leko's website!

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