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Laoise Carey Studio is a luxury womenswear upcycling brand which sits on the border between craft and design. Each piece is hand crafted in a studio in Ireland utilising vintage and antique textiles.

Laoise Carey Studio produces garments which aim to convey a narrative about dress history and the sentimental value of clothing. It represents forgotten and discarded textiles of previous generations while highlighting the degree of craft involved in fashion production. The fabrics: old curtains, crochet lace doily’s, vintage lace panels, and remnant fabrics from every era in modern history, each hold the spirit of their past lives and uses.

Graduating from the National College of Art & Design, Dublin in 2017 Laoise accumulated a number of awards for her degree work. With has years of experience under her belt working in the fashion industry across Dublin and London, she founded her own Laoise Carey Studio in 2020.



‘RDS Crafts Award’, RDS Foundation (2018)

'Designer to Watch 2017', Shelley Corkery, Brown Thomas (2017)

‘Future Maker’s Support’, Design & Craft Council of Ireland (2017)



‘CREATE’ Brown Thomas (2020 & 2017)

‘Gifted: Contemporary Craft & Design Fair’, RDS (2018)

‘Hi! Fashion’ National Design & Craft Gallery, Farmleigh Gallery (2017)

Visit Laoise Carey's website!

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