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Nadia, an NCAD graduate, began drawing again while on maternity leave as she wanted some fresh and original baby clothes for her little girl to wear. She started printing babygrows with thirty year old silkscreens borrowed from her father-in-law.
People loved Nadia's quirky, colourful prints and the orders started to flood in. Fauna kids started supplying local stores, and Nadia began searching for premium organic cotton. At first it was solely for its kindness to baby & kids skin. However, she soon learned the importance of organic, ethically made baby clothes.
Fauna Kids & Fauna Apparel organic cotton clothes are made from premium fabrics that are not only comfortable and safe for baby, they are also friendly to the environment. Everything in safe working conditions for fair wages. It is then printed using Eco-friendly water based inks. Produced in short runs with little waste, Fauna Kids collections are not seasonal as they don't believe in huge seasonal 'sales'. Designed in Ireland by Nadia, and printed in the traditional screen printing process to stay true to the roots of the business!

Visit Fauna Kids' website!

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