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When her children were young, Alice, the owner and manager of Skellig Soaps, did a soap making class as she wanted to make natural products for her family.


Alice went on to complete more soap making courses in Ireland and London and after spending many years perfecting her range, Skellig Soaps was born.

Skellig Soaps is a family run business, their shop and soap factory is located in County Kerry along the Wild Atlantic way. Adriano, who is from Brasil, designed our website and is the creator of their aromatherapy candle range. Alice and Adriano's two children, Gavin & Gabriella, help with packaging and going to the post office with online orders.

All of their products are free from preservatives, artificial colors, perfumes or fragrances and never tested on animals. Instead, they use pure essential oils, herbs and natural additives like seaweed, cocoa, honey, oats, coffee, cinnamon, lavender, poppy seeds... it’s all good stuff!

Visit Skellig Soap's website!

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