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"Progressing and evolving" is how Lisa McCormack describes her jewelry label Capulet & Montague, the first collection of which was launched in 2012.

With a simplicity of form and highly-skilled craftsmanship imbued in her designs, the Longford-born designer has experienced a swift trajectory since the launch of her design company.

Modern, elegant and sleek, Lisa allows the materials to speak for themselves within each piece, creating a clarity of form and design that is distinct within all her collections. Lisa continues to explore the relationship between the past and the present, employing craft techniques that cross organic elements with modern aesthetics, without overtly altering the original form.

Capulet & Montague has gained a strong following among women who appreciate her acute boldness and purity of design; her work has gone on to feature in numerous magazines, editorial shoots and features partnered with pieces ranging from haute couture to established Irish designers..

Visit Capulet & Montague's website!

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