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Bodhi Blends is a humble little shop of hand crafted balms, sprays and lotions using plant based potions. working with high quality, organic and ethically sourced botanical ingredients to create products that are designed to support and nourish inside and out.

Aisling began creating and experimenting with natural skincare initially for pleasure, curiosity and an attempt to avoid the chemical, synthetic saturated products on the cosmetic market. And thus began an ongoing love affair with handcrafting botanical products and the birth of Bodhi Blends.

Aisling is a big believer in the healing powers of nature and this has always been the starting point for any formulation she has created. With an ever-growing appetite for expanding knowledge on natural skincare, Aisling is always looking to continue to learn from the most up to date evidence based research available with a drive to providing the best products possible for overall wellness both body and mind.

Visit Bodhi Blends' website!

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