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Barbara is the creator of BBpapercuts.

"I always had a fascination for maps, I love the way you can see how a city evolves, next to a river, a port or a crossroads. I love to see the street pattern of large cities, how you can see the original old city with it's smaller narrow winding streets and the new areas with it's more uniform planned layouts."


Barbara always loved working with paper, from her early days as a design student she created papercut stencils for her textile printing.  Learning how delicate and yet versatile the paper was as a medium.  Barbara graduated as an interior design architect and ran her own business for over 20 years which involved model making with card and paper.


While living in the Middle East a few years ago she came across  some local artists who made beautiful art cut out of paper, inspiring her to experiment with paper cut art again.  Barbara wanted to develop a new business that was more creative and personal, combining technical drawing skills and her design background.  BB Papercuts was launched in 2015, creating a range of intricate papercut maps of cities and towns. 


Barbara personally design all the papercuts, each piece is machine precision cut & hand finished from her home studio in Dublin.

Visit BB Papercuts' website!

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