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Jacqueline Quinn started her love affair with fashion and began studying the Jacqueline Kennedy "look” at a very young age. The Kennedy look was an inspiration for women in both the United States and across Europe during the 1960’s. Her innate elegance was easily accessible and women from many types of backgrounds purchased patterns and material that mimicked Jackie's signature style as seen in print and television media. By today's standard, she was an "influencer" at a historical moment when the Art of Dressmaking was experiencing a sartorial renaissance.


Jacqueline is currently making  bespoke/ couture pieces for private clients in both Europe and the US.

Quinn's latest collection revives the glamour and beautiful silhouettes of the "Jackie Years." It features only the finest, most luxurious fabrics from Paris in soft hues, delicious colors and perfect details. In true dressmaker fashion, the emphasis is on a elegant fit, couture finishing and timeless femininity.

Adore Jackie's most recent collection has been featured in The Sunday Independant.

Visit Adore Jackie's website!

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