Kopper Kreation Copper Love Heart

Kopper Kreation Copper Love Heart


A clever reuse of old gas copper pipe. This beautiful Copper Heart has been bent by hand into the traditional form of a heart using mostly reclaimed and recycled plumbing pipe and fittings. Joints are  soldered and the copper is hand polished to a natural finish that will age and develop character over time.  


10mm copper pipe and fittings. As it is handmade the dimensions may vary slightly but never more than a few mm! String of copper effect LED lights included.


500 wide
450 high
10mm deep

  • Care Instructions

    The material is polished to a natural finish by hand and the products are designed to age over time.

    Over time copper naturally changes colour. Transforming from a shiney brown/red colour to darker browns, then blues and finally greens after a number of years. When exposed to the natural elements copper develops this ‘patina’ which actually protects and preserves the metal underneath.

    If you wish to clean the copper, we recommend some very fine wire wool or some P1000 or higher silicone carbide sandpaper both of which can be picked up from your local hardware shop.


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