Kaleidoscope Dress

Kaleidoscope Dress

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Remember as a kid when you’d lift a Kaleidoscope to the light and marvel at the dazzling colours and shifting patterns that would dance before your eye? Well, now you can have that feeling in a dress! This 1970’s Japanese classic is in perfect condition, with all of those orange, magenta and cobalt designs just as bright and poppy as they day they were made. But there’s more to this dress than just the colours; the print might be loud, but look closer and you’ll see the details are remarkably subtle. The button-up bodice is fitted, with closed pleats that give a hint of frill without detracting from the cleanness of the line, then just below the waist, open-ended pleats give the skirt the subtlest of flares. Understated and extrovert all at the same time, this one is a keeper!


Perfect Vintage Condition


Please Check Measurements below:


Chest: 34”

Length: 42”


  • Care Instructions

    Handwashing recommended. Do not tumble dry.

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