Electronic Sheep 'Enjoy Yourself' Oversized Triangle Scarf

Electronic Sheep 'Enjoy Yourself' Oversized Triangle Scarf


Hot off the knitting machine the 'Enjoy Yourself' collection has arrived. 


This is something Helen's mother always said to us since we were teenagers, even if we were just going to the local shops. It's something Eileen did herself and encouraged us to do. This scarf is really about lockdown and how we all found ways to enjoy ourselves at home. It made us appreciate how lucky we are to have happy homes and enjoy little things like spending time with family, having a drink, food even having a bath became an occasion. It depicts 3 floors of a house - an interior, full of little details. Sofas, wallpaper, drinks cabinet, it also has mini TV screens that depict the background to our 2020 lives; with breaking news (covid), activism (BLM positive change) and a 90s music video for nostalgic reasons!



  • 100% Merino Wool 
  • hand drawn design by the Electronic Sheep designers
  • ethically produced
  • designed and made in Ireland
  • supersoft
  • warm
  • breathable yarn
  • unisex



  • Care Instructions

    Hand wash only.